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RTape VynilEfx Fine Brush Silver

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Eye catching metallic, reflective and glittering vinyl for cut lettering applications and printed graphics. Available in both Indoor Decorative and Outdoor Durable series (<3 years outdoors) with permanent adhesive. Easy application to flat, smooth surfaces – dry application only. Cuts and weeds easily. Apply cut letters with RTape® Conform® 4075 RLA and printed graphics with RTape® Conform® 4760 RLA application tape. Overlaminates can be used if extra protection is required. 

Print Compatibility: Eco-Solvent, True Solvent, UV Wide Format, Screen, Thermal Transfer.

Technologie: Monomer
Material: PET
Oberfläche: 2D (flach)
Grundlage: Plexiglas, Glas, Metall, nicht poröse Trägermaterialien
Farbe: silbern
Effekt: gebürstet
Dicke: 76 µm
Technische Dokumentation
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